What we do

Based on our years and breadth of expertise, we are uniquely placed to tailor a programme which is designed around you.

No matter what size, shape, age, gender, level of fitness or flexibility we will keep you motivated and empowered to achieve your lifelong goals.

Zalva Monthly Packages

Bronze – 1 x PT session; 2 x telephone check-ins; access to On Demand £45 pcm

Silver – 2 x PT sessions; 2 x telephone check-ins; access to On Demand £80 pcm

Gold – 4 x PT sessions; 2 x telephone check-ins; access to On Demand £150 pcm

For each of your personal training (PT) sessions you can choose from Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Massage, EFT

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Yoga is not just about increasing or developing flexibility and strength, although these are excellent side effects. It is about letting go of the restrictions in your body and mind. It is an ancient tradition which is still relevant today. Over time, it releases human potential, the full power of your mind and body become available to you.

Having a personal trainer means that exercising is no longer a chore, and more importantly, much more effective than training on your own. Working with accomplished trainers, you will be introduced to different ways of training using muscles you forgot, or never knew you had, so the benefits are limitless. A one to one session can be based on any of the disciplines we offer, or a mixture.

Joseph Pilates, developed the original 34 exercises in the 1920’s. It is about “functional fitness”, being able to lift, twist and move without injuring yourself. The exercises concentrate on the ‘core’ muscles, creating a strong girdle effect around your mid-section. Pilates will change the shape of your body, you will lengthen, tone and tighten and bring about balance to your skeletal system.

Massage has been used for centuries to heal, invigorate and relax the mind and body reaching all the major organs as well as helping the muscles, bones and soft tissue to stay healthy. Whether you are after a relaxing, stress releasing massage, or a deeper sports massage, Stewart can tailor your massage to your body’s needs.

How often are you aware of your posture when standing or sitting? Helen will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your posture, then empower you to make the changes necessary to strengthen any weaknesses found in your postural muscles, to bring you back into balance.

Sports specific training provides a bespoke program designed to enhance speed, agility, power, strength and balance – components which any athlete or sports person requires to win. Whether you are at club or international level your ongoing program breaks down the movements of your sports and is tailored for the different phases of your training.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), otherwise known as ‘tapping’, is a complementary therapy which helps release negative emotions by tapping on meridian energy points around the body, similar to acupuncture points. In the western world, we are beginning to catch up with the premise that emotional health is imperative to physical health. As well as affecting our health, emotional blocks can lead to limiting beliefs and behaviours. This may result in phobias, anxiety, depression or even addictions.

EFT is non-evasive, gentle, forgiving and non-judgemental. It is one of the simplest and fastest ways to heal any trauma, whether it happened yesterday or over 50 years ago. Helen will empower you with the tools to be able to help yourself with this amazing, life changing technique.

Meditation is a relaxing practise, that helps you let go of stress, and to quieten or still the mind. Once practising regularly you will become more focused and live in the moment. Helen guides you intuitively in her meditation sessions.

Whether you are new to weightlifting or would like to improve your technique, you are in safe hands with Stewart who has over thirty years of lifting and coaching experience.

Our workplace wellness focuses on your employees physical and mental health. We can design a programme that best suits your business, incorporating spinal alignment/posture awareness and massage, along with yoga, Pilates, meditation and fitness sessions or clinics including EFT (Emotional FreedomTechniques)

If you can’t be the best, make sure you are well ahead of second place.