EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), otherwise known as ‘tapping’, is a healing therapy which helps release negative emotions by tapping on meridian energy points around the face and upper body, similar to acupuncture points. In the western world, we are beginning to catch up with the premise that emotional health is imperative to physical health. As well as affecting our health, emotional blocks can lead to limiting beliefs and behaviours. This may result in phobias, anxiety, depression or even addictions. EFT is an effective way to bring about peace and calm, allowing us to live a passionate, fulfilling life.

EFT Tapping Points

How EFT Works

EFT works with the body by finding locked away, hidden emotions which may be preventing you from finding inner peace, allowing you to become the best version of yourself. It is well known that high levels of stress block our ability to think clearly or make the right decisions. We all know that we are nicer to be around when we are calm and happy compared to when we are stressed. Sometimes comments from other people or even our own thoughts, feelings or reminders of the past can ‘trigger’ us into a stressed state. These triggers started from a trauma, where the emotion has got stuck blocking our energy system, tapping to clear the emotional connection can restore a sense of calm and peace. Learning to tap for yourself, gives you the tools to look after your own emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of EFT

There are many positive benefits of EFT;

It can release emotional and physical pain very quickly, quicker than many other healing therapies. It can work on recent incidents and traumas from a very long time ago. You don’t need to re-live or talk through the trauma, just accessing the emotional connection can be enough to release it.

There can be huge positive shifts in many areas of your life, such as generating a new confidence and self-belief by releasing limiting beliefs. Both personal and business relationships can be transformed. Many blocks are released allowing you to move forward in your life in areas you never dreamt would be possible.

tapping hands

An EFT session

In most cases I will tap on you, allowing you to relax and focus on releasing the blocked energy, although you can tap on yourself, if you prefer, by following my lead. We will chat first to find out what is the most important area to work on and then use your words and terminology to say a ‘set up statement’ so that your sub-conscious knows what we trying to access in your mind. We will work around the tapping points saying some key words to gently access the blocked emotions and release them without re-traumatising or triggering you.

Learning to self- tap is an invaluable life skill and it is worth taking the time to learn to tap for yourself as well as working with a practitioner.

Helen is a qualified EFTi and META Tapping practitioner.

EFT Practitioner